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The Best of Times

I’ve had a choatic couple of weeks (in a good way) with loads happening on the writing scene: the Emerging Doo Dah Writers had their first meeting in Salisbury Playhouse on Saturday afternoon thanks to an invite from Mark Powell.  I was beside myself.  It’s so good to have a place to meet and I’m looking forward to meeting Gareth Machin, the new AD. Exciting times.

If there are any playwrights in Salisbury and surrounding areas reading this who’d like to join the group, just drop me an email with a brief biog including where you are at with your writing. The Emerging Group is for writers with playwriting experience – I do run workshops for beginners too and most of the Emerging Group have come through the workshops over the last two years.

Talking of workshops, we had a visit from Sarah Dickenson, senior reader at the Soho, who led a challenging workshop last week and made us all write stuff. Imagine.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted to report that Doo Dah David Haworth’s play I Heard An Angel Singing has been selected for a reading at Theatre 503 on 7th November – a great opportunity to have his work read by professional actors in London.

More Doo Dah successes:

  • Alison Barclay’s monologue ‘Dressing Up‘ was performed in Salisbury as part of Bootleg Theatre’s 15 Minutes of Fame tour.
  • Gina Gough’s ‘A Bump in the Night‘ has been selected by Core Theatre for a performance in Malloys, Bath on Sunday 30th October.

Rocket Project Launch – Was it Real?

Feeling spaced out after launch of scripts on Sunday, well, someone had to say it.  Relieved it turned out a success by all accounts.  People came!  Buzzy atmosphere and had some enthusiastic feedback from audience. Here are some starry-starry pix of the rehearsals during the day, taken by Tim Kidner.

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Seven Minutes of Fame

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What a week. David’s success with Dialogue on Wednesday, then Thursday night we put together a showcase of 7 writers’ work in 7 minutes – undying thanks to actors Jon Nash, Kerry Stockwell, Joe Bossano and the Jon Nash who directed – all did a great job in spite of my manic blah de blahs. 

The Seven Writers: Alison Barclay, Anthony Fairweather, Gina Gough, Linda Morse, Jeff Page, David Watson, John Yates

My role in this was to try and represent the work of Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah writers in the space of a 7 minute performance.  No problem.  I love cutting, cutting, cutting and more cutting.  Note to Self: you know when you’ve spent 3 days cutting 200 pages down to 6 and you think you’ve finished?  You haven’t.

Meeting Barney

Thanks to an intro from Mark Powell we now have Barney Norris – talented young writer/director  under commission from The Bush Theatre – working with us.  Last week he directed a readthrough of CONSEQUENCES by John Yates  –  then all down to the George to congratulate ourselves. Lovely.

Scriptwriters Doo Dah, Salisbury

An entertaining session this morning when we investigated ping pong dialogue.  Here in the wee small hours I’m wondering whether to rise to the challenge of writing four thousand words on the inside of a ping pong ball.

The writers gave me their enthusiastic feedback on the prototype of the new brochure advertising the next avalanche of scriptwriting workshops – for example, the title. Should it be: Writing for Performance, Writing for Stage, Screen and Radio,  Writing Plays, Scriptwriting, Screenwriting, Writing Courses, Playwriting, Play Writing, Playwrighting, Play Wrighting… just how many writers does it take?   And then the image:  two masks, a computer screen (blank, of course), a quill pen, typewriter, clapperboard, performers, scripts?  No.  My favourite is a spillage of pink nail varnish until someone suggests red and then we’re off again…