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As some of you will know I’ve been revamping myself, the courses and Pop Ups to include a wider area so that I come to you and you don’t have to travel to Salisbury.  I’ve also started a new THING for Playwriting Salisbury+ called ArtWrite which grew out of my own dalliances with art, art therapy, and drawing. This kicks off at Bath Artists’ Studios on 17 November in tandem with a vibrant exhibition of five female artists, SHE DID THAT.  The writing response is SHE DID THIS TOO.

‘A writer should write with [her] eyes and a painter paint with [her] ears.’ Gertrude Stein

ARTWRITE is a brand new THING bringing art and writing together to CREATE original poetry, prose, monologues or scripts, and everything in between, behind and BEYOND. Be warned: this workshop will involve GAZING at paintings, daydreaming, doodling, and WEIRD writing exercises inspired by the SHE DID THAT exhibition.

The Salisbury workshops continue with a new Writing for Radio course alternating with Writing for Stage on a Wednesday night – both of these will be suitable for beginners or those wanting to update or refresh their skills with aplomb.

She Writes for close script analysis. Bring work in progress.

Fridays 10 – 12.30  Salisbury

21 Sept, 12 Oct, 2 Nov, 23 Nov, 7 Dec  £75 (£65)

She Writes Saturday mornings on request. 10.30-12.30

Red Hots for professional writers (Script analysis of work in progress)

Saturdays 2- 4.30pm  Salisbury

15 Sept, 13 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec  £75 (£65)

Radio Wednesdays  Structured course for writers new to radio

7-9pm Meeting Room, Five Rivers Child Care, School Lane, Salisbury

19 Sept 3, 17, 31 Oct, 14, 28 Nov   £55 (£45)  includes feedback on 6 pages

Stage Wednesdays Structured course for writers new, or fairly new, to stage

7-9pm  Meeting Room, Five Rivers Child Care, School Lane, Salisbury

26 Sept, 10, 24 Oct, 7, 21 Nov, 5 Dec   £55 (£45) includes feedback on 6 pages

Write On  Linkup Arts Writing for All and Everything

Tuesdays, Sarum College, The Close, Salisbury

10.30 – 12.30  £5 (£3 concs)  Subsidised by LinkUp Arts


27 September  Honiton Writing for Radio, 6 weeks, Thelma Hulbert Gallery

15 October  Bridport Writing for Radio

3 November  Holt nr Bradford on Avon

9 November  Tedbridge House and Water Gardens


17 November Bath Artists’ Studios SHE DID THIS

Contact me on my sparkling new email address or see website which I’m updating as I write this so please be patient – it’s challenging my brain in all sorts of ways. Well, that’s the plan for today.

If you’d like a Pop Up Playwriting workshop near you, let me know and we can discuss – you get to choose the topic: Comedy, Roles for Women, Scene Ones, Monologues, Absurdist Theatre, Audience Interaction, Theatricality, Subtext, for example, or a theme: Water, Art, Flight, Nonsense… and the venue.

As always, I’m available for one-to-one consultations, mentoring, dramaturgy, and script reading. Ask me for a quote any time.

Look forward to fun/serious playwriting with you sooner or later.



MA Scriptwriting (distinction)

WGGB Olwen Wymark Award Winner

Accredited Writing Coach (Arvon, RD21st, NAWE)

Playwriting Salisbury+ and ArtWrite


August 2018

New Email Address

I’m delighted to tell you that at last I have a new yahoo email address, and will be free from the tyranny of Talktalk. My apologies if I haven’t answered emails or you haven’t received mine – it’s been a pretty random Talktalk service for the past six months. Please amend your records, or if you no longer wish/want to receive details of courses etc, just let me know.

Autumn courses and workshops will be out soon. Requests always welcome… suggestions so far have been: Unblocking, Comedy, Writing Women’s Roles, Monologues and Writing for Radio. What would you like or need for your writing?

PopUps have been popular with more planned in the Autumn. If you’d like a PopUp in a town/village near you, let’s talk, but not on Talktalk.

Enjoy the rest of the summer – after my experience of heatstroke, I’m loving the drizzle…


Playwriting Salisbury+  Supporting and developing writers throughout the South West

Writer, Workshop Leader, Mentor, Dramaturg

WGGB Theatre Encouragement Awards



The Mysterious Interior

Something strange is amiss with my emails and TalkTalk so if you haven’t  heard from me since February, or received an answer to your email, this could be the reason. I’ve spent a small fortune paying someone to sort it out, but to no avail.  I will soon be changing ISP but not before I have built up a supply of valium to get me through the experience.  In the meantime, feel free to send me a message here or to Angie Street on Facebook.

Here are a couple of workshops you may not know about coming up this week:

HOLT, nr Bradford on Avon. Saturday 21 July  10am – 3.30pm

A Pop Up Playwriting Workshop

  • Find the hidden dramas in everyday objects
  • Be creative with dialogue and monologue in this super friendly writing workshop

Tickets:   £40 (£35 concs)  Booking: 01722 322143

Here is my next cornucopia of workshops. I’m also offering the Popular Pop Up Playwriting on request as one-offs almost anywhere on the rail network.

You’ll  see I’ve alternated the Autumn dates between Writing for Stage and Writing for Radio, and these will now be structured courses dealing with a topic each week.

She Writes for close script analysis

Fridays 10 – 12.30

21 Sept, 12 Oct, 2 Nov, 23 Nov, 7 Dec  £75 (£65)

Red Hots for professional writers (Script analysis)

Saturdays 2- 4.30pm

15 Sept, 13 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec  £75 (£65)

Radio Wednesdays – Structured course for writers new to radio

7-9pm Five Rivers, School Lane

19 Sept 3, 17, 31 Oct, 14, 28 Nov   £55 (£45)  includes feedback on 6 pages

Stage Wednesdays – Structured course for writers new, or fairly new, to stage

7-9pm  Five Rivers, School Lane

26 Sept, 10, 24 Oct, 7, 21 Nov, 5 Dec   £55 (£45) includes feedback on 6 pages

Write On – Linkup Arts Writing for All

Tuesdays, Sarum College

10.30 – 12.30  £5 (£3 concs)  Subsidised by LinkUp Arts

If you’d like a Pop Up Playwriting workshop near you, let me know and we can discuss – you get to choose the topic (Comedy, Roles for Women, Absurdist Theatre, Audience Interaction, Theatricality, Subtext, for example) and the venue.

As always, I’m available for one-to-one consultations, mentoring and script reading. Ask me for a quote.


Happenings in March 2018

I’ve been quietly collecting and collating all the successes, big and small, of the writers who have attended my courses and workshops. Here are the first few who have taken up the challenge of developing their work to a professional level and have kept writing through the blood, sweat and tears, remembering to subvert all the cliches. Today, because they have work currently showing, I give you Jeff Page, Linda Morse, Roy Chatfield, and John Yates.

Jeff Page – Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah

Exciting news about Jeff’s play Checkpoint Chana which is in rehearsals at The Finborough, London and opens on 4 March. At the time of writing, tickets are still available for the two week run.

Jeff attended Scriptwriters Doo Dah at Salisbury Arts Centre and went on to take John Burgess’s course at the Nuffield in Southampton.

 Linda Morse – Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah

A prolific writer who has been coming to the Wednesday night workshops for five years, Linda has a play, Scattered, accepted for Bread and Roses Theatre’s new writing night, Y-Robot, in March.

She has had four submissions successes since October this year:  The Box a monologue for Director’s Cut, Southwark Playhouse.   Connie, an audio monologue, was selected out of over 300 for performance on Soundworks-uk online from November 1stScattered was selected by Tea-Powered Theatre Bristol on 18 November.  All Four of Them for Bunker Bites at Bunker Theatre, London on Dec 7th.

Linda has written several full length plays which she developed during the Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah course, and revised for rehearsed readings: Empty Mirrors reached the top twenty in Bristol Old Vic’s 2014 Open Session, and was on the shortlist for Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell, Playwriting Competition.

Privet Flowers, a monologue, was performed by Ripped Script theatre company at Plymouth Fringe Festival. Privet Flowers was Linda’s response to a night walk across Dorset fields.  Three a.m. is a time of disquiet … of madness.

In April 2017 ‘A Shared Breath’, a piece exploring the effects of adoption, was performed as a staged reading at Salisbury Playhouse in The Salberg, as part of Theatre Fest West.

She has had short pieces performed in Salisbury, Exeter, London and Dorset, with a recent piece, The Slipper Salesman, performed as part of the Salisbury Fringe Festival Preview. The Slipper Salesman was inspired by Italo Calvino’s Mr Palomar which we explored at the Wednesday night writing session.

Roy Chatfield – Red Hot Writers’ Group

Julian Fellowes announced the Terrence Rattigan Society award winners at Harrow School in October. Roy Chatfield was the runner up with his play Going Back which received a rehearsed reading directed by Adrian Brown in January 2018.

Roy writes: ‘Michael Darlow gave a speech beforehand on Rattigan’s relevance today. One of the points he made was that nowadays there are more good plays being written than opportunities to perform them. To be successful a play has to have that extra edge. It was the work with you in Red Hot Writers that gave that to Going Back, so thank you, Angie.’

Roy’s second success was And Now We Tell Our Tale directed by John Baxter and filmed by Mark McGann. Five professional actors brought alive memories of Andover in the 1960’s – the decade that changed the town for ever. The piece combines a range of live theatre performance styles and filmed episodes. Performers are young people drawn from Andover primary and secondary schools. Based on interviews with people who witnessed the London overspill scheme that transform Andover from a small market town, And Now We Tell Our Tale will be touring local schools.

John Yates – Red Hot Writers’ Group

John started his writing career at Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah at Salisbury Arts Centre on Wednesday nights five years ago and has since built an impressive writing CV, having his first play performed at Theatre 503, the new writing theatre, in London. He graduated to the Emerging and Red Hot Writers group and gained ACE funding to develop his play Islam, which had a rehearsed reading at Salisbury Playhouse.

His latest play, Axe, which he’s been developing at Red Hot Writers over the past year, caught the eye of Sharon Lawless at Forest Forge Theatre based in Ringwood. An ambitious play, carefully researched, it features dancers, musicians, and proto-indo-european speech. John was successful if receiving an ACE grant for one week’s rehearsals, dramaturgy, and a rehearsed reading at Forest Forge Theatre in March 2018. I’ll be working with John on his script and reporting after the show.

Director, Sean Aita, writes: ‘I think it is the best piece of new writing I have read in a long time…It is incredibly powerful, moving, intelligent, innovative and linguistically rich.’

John was writer-in-residence for Bristol’s “Doors Open Day – Hidden City” via Part Exchange.  Salisbury Fringe produced “Images” (from the last Emerging Writers meeting) at The Cloisters.

That’s all for tonight, more bloggery coming soon…

Writers’ Guild Olwen Wymark Theatre Awards

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) presented its annual awards for the encouragement of new writing at the Royal Court Theatre, London, on Friday 2 February 2018.

The Olwen Wymark Awards, the brainchild of playwright Mark Ravenhill, were set up to give WGGB members the opportunity to publicly thank those who had given them a positive experience in new writing over the previous year.

They are named in honour of playwright Olwen Wymark, passionate supporter of WGGB and former Chair of the WGGB Theatre Committee, who died in 2013.

David James, former Chair of the WGGB Theatre Committee, who has organised the award since 2005, said: “The award was set up to make a statement of how important encouragement is, and is based on the simple premise of saying ‘thank you’. Now in its 13th year, it is a bright spot on the Writers’ Guild’s annual calendar.”

The winners of the 13th annual awards are:

Angela Street – Writer, Mentor, Workshop Leader, Script Reader, Dramaturg. Accredited Writing Coach (Arvon, RD1st, NAWE) Nominated by WGGB member Pippa Roberts for her support of women in theatre and inspiring Pippa during an Emerging Writers course.

Pippa Roberts said: “Angie inspired me because she felt like a real role model, somebody who has struggled with the sort of difficulties I have and who has been successful.

“She has a passion for theatre and writing, and she taught her workshops with the help of many different texts, so we encountered the things we might not encounter otherwise – many of us did not have the kind of income that would allow us to travel to see a lot of plays.

“Angie has been an inspiration to me – because of her humour and down-to-earth realism.”

Sue Andrews – Executive Director, Northern Broadsides theatre company. Nominated by WGGB member Deborah McAndrew for her support since Deborah’s first production for the company in 2004.

Ghislaine Kenyon – freelance trainer, curator and author in the area of visual arts and education. Nominated by WGGB member Diane Samuels, for her support with her play Waltz With Me.

Nicola McCartney playwright. Nominated by WGGB member Mary Jane Wells for mentoring her for her first play, Heroine: A Female Soldier’s Story.

Jon McKenna – actor. Nominated by WGGB member Anthony Mariani, for his support as a mentor for Anthony’s play The Rooster Rebellion (set on the eve of the Brexit vote), in which Jon had the lead role.

Deirdre McLaughlin – director, dramaturg and actor trainer. Nominated by WGGB member Poppy Corbett for giving her the opportunity to elevate her career to the next level.


Emma Manton and Matthew Woodyatt Nominated by WGGB member Jenifer Toksvig, for their support of her writing over many years and recently for her work to support refugee charity UNHCR.

John Retallack – director Nominated by WGGB member Zena Forster for his continued mentorship, and support in developing her first original stage play The Fourth Dog.

the salon:collective and its Artistic Director Dominic Kelly Nominated by WGGB member Mike Elliston for championing him following a long career break from playwriting.

For those who don’t already know, The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is a trade union representing writers for TV, film, theatre, radio, books, poetry, animation, comedy and videogames. It negotiates national agreements on pay and conditions with key industry bodies, including BBC, ITV and Pact; the Royal Court, National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company. It campaigns and lobbies on behalf of writers and offers a range of benefits to its members, including free contract vetting, support and advice; events and discounts; free training; a weekly ebulletin; a pension scheme and welfare fund.


Twitter: @TheWritersGuild



Happy New Writing 2018

I trust you’ve all survived the festive season with aplomb and are eager to get back into writing again.  WRITE ON for artists with disabilities is continuing at Salisbury Arts Centre and new Masterclasses are coming up in the Spring. Without further adodah here are the dates for 2018. Feel free to ask questions and email me to sign up. You’ll see that some groups are now focusing on close script analysis – these groups are kept small and you need to be prepared to bring your script, or scenes, with you to read and revise in the group.

She Writes Fridays:  10:00 – 12:30 (for close script analysis)

19 January

2 February

23 February

16 March

Cost £75/£65 concs

SHE WRITES Saturdays. 10:30 – 1:00

13 Jan

3 Feb

3 March

24 March

Cost: £75/£65 concs

RED HOTS SATURDAYS:  14:00 – 16:30 (for experienced writers)

13 Jan

10 Feb

10 March

24 March

Cost: £75/£65 concs

LinkUp Arts for artists with disabilities, and their carers.

Tuesdays 10:30 – 12:30   All levels of experience welcome

16 January – 27 March weekly

Subsidised by LinkUp Arts  £5/£3 per session

Scriptwriters Doo Dah, Writing for Stage @ Salisbury Arts Centre

Wednesdays 19:00 – 21:00   All levels of experience welcome

10 Jan – 21 March   (Attend Performance on 14 Feb)

Cost: £94 includes ticket for performance on 14 Feb


Writing Dramatic Monologues

3 x Saturdays: tbc

Revising and Editing

Preparing your script for submission to theatres, agents, competitions.



New Writing Workshops Starting Soon

The Autumn season is upon us and I’m planning the next playwriting workshops in Salisbury and also have plans to travel further afield with Pop Ups, but more of that later.  Starting next week on Wednesday 20th is Writing for Stage (Doo Dahs) at Salisbury Arts Centre from 19:00 – 21:00. This course is for adults interested in finding out more about playwriting and wanting to start their own scripts.  We’ll cover all the basics and you’ll get a chance to hear your script read by the group and get feedback.  There are ten sessions and it includes ticket to see GROWTH by Luke Norris which we shall be discussing in the sessions and using as a reference point so please try to come that night, 20th September.  The cost for 10 sessions plus the ticket is £92.

Next up is She Writes starting Friday 22 September from 10:00 -12:30. This group is for writers to work closely on their script development so you will need to have something to work on but this can be a short script, a monologue, or the beginnings of a play, not necessarily a full length script. Dates for She Writes are 22 Sept, 20 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec. Cost for four sessions is £75 (£65).

If you’re working during the week you may prefer She Writes on Saturdays from 10:30 -13:00. Like the Friday group, we will be working on script development and exploring any dramatic problems arising.  The dates are starting 23 Sept, 14 Oct, 14 Nov, 9 Dec  and cost £75 (£65).

There are still places in the Red Hots, the new group for experienced writers only which meets on Saturday 14:00 – 16:30. Meeting dates are 9 Sept, 23 Sept, 14 Nov, 9 Dec. The cost for four meetings is  £75 (£65)

Please book through me for all except Doo Dahs which is bookable via Salisbury Arts Centre online or phone 01722 321744.

Don’t forget it’s Salisbury Fringe 6 Oct to 8 October – New Writing in Pubs, Clubs and Cafes. All events are free!!



New Season New Writing Workshops

Dear Writers

It’s been some time since I was here… but here is the New Season of Writing Workshops I’m offering in Salisbury. I hope to offer more Pop Ups in other areas during the year, and to write a few more posts than of late. Without further ado, may I offer you:

Pop Up Playwriting Pam Mcconnell’s The Close, Saturday 30 Sept

She Writes Friday 10:00 -12:30 22 Sept, 20 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec  £75 (£65)

She Writes Saturday 10:30 -13:00 23 Sept, 14 Oct, 14 Nov, 9 Dec  £75 (£65)

Red Hots Saturday 14:00 – 16:30 9 Sept, 23 Sept, 14 Nov, 9 Dec  £75 (£65)

Doo Dahs @ Salisbury Arts Centre 19:00 – 21:00 starts 20 Sept for 10 weeks Includes ticket to see GROWTH by Luke Norris which we shall be discussing in the sessions so please try to come that night. £92

Link Up Arts scriptwriting for artists with disabilities. 10:30 – 12:30  starts 19 Sept for 10 weeks  £5 (£3 concs) subsidised by Link Up Arts.

Please book through me for all except Doo Dahs and Link Up Arts which are bookable via Salisbury Arts Centre online or phone 01722 321744, and don’t forget it’s –

Salisbury Fringe 6 Oct to 8 October. New Writing in Pubs, Clubs and Cafes. All events are free.

If you’d like to host a POP UP in your area, let me know and I’ll send you details of how it works. I may even get around to creating a page for it, you never know.

Happy Writing



Playwriting Courses starting September

Writing for Stage – Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah 

7-9 Weds  starts 21 September

Kickstart your writing with these practical writing workshops. Learn the secrets of writing dialogue, creating characters and making a drama out of a crisis.  £89 for 10 sessions.

Book online or phone 01722 321744

                   ‘Fast, furious and fun’  Linda Morse

SHE WRITES has gone from strength to strength and welcomes new writers. All levels of experience welcome.

Fridays: 10 – 12.30 (7 per term) £125 (£105 concs)

Saturdays: 10 – 12.30 (4 per term) £105/95

Book online or phone 01722 320333

Emerging Playwrights Group for experienced writers

Saturdays monthly 2 – 4.30

Sessions are structured around the individual needs of the writers and include:

Ø  Reading and analysing each other’s scripts

Ø  Examining contemporary playtexts

Ø  Writing exercises

Ø  Revising and editing skills

Ø  Networking and submission information

Book online or phone 01722 320333

Topics may include: Differentiating Voices/Unheard Voices; Writing Leading Parts for Women, Exploring Structures, Stage Directions, Subtext, Theatricality, Comedy, Working with Actors.

Course leader: Angela Street holds an MA in Scriptwriting and is an experienced workshop leader with 25 years of experience working with scripts and writers throughout the South West.  

‘Astonishing, exciting, liberating’  Dawn Gorman, Poet

Coming up…save the dates

Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah @ Salisbury Arts Centre starts Weds 21 September, 7-9pm, in the Media Room. 10 week course covering all the basics of writing for theatre. New writers welcome – be prepared to play and take risks…

Sir Midnight Blues @Salisbury Arts Centre Dr Sketchy 27 July 2016. Photo by Simon Morris.

Sir Midnight Blues @Salisbury Arts Centre
Dr Sketchy 27 July 2016. Photo by Simon Morris.

EMERGING WRITERS (Community Space, Salisbury Playhouse

Saturdays  (in blocks of 4) 2pm – 4.30pm

24 Sep,  29 Oct,  26 Nov, 10 Dec

14 January,  11 February,  11 March,  8 April

22 April, 6 May, 3 June, 1 July

SHE WRITES (Hawkings Lounge, Salisbury Playhouse) 10am – 12.30pm

Fridays (blocks of seven)

23, 30 Sep, 14, 28 Oct, 11, 25 Nov, 9, Dec

13, 27 Jan, 10, 24 Feb, 10, 24 March, 7 April,

21 April,  5, 19 May  2, 16, 30 June, 7 July

Saturdays (blocks of four)

24 Sep, 29 Oct,  26 Nov,  10 Dec

14 Jan, 11 Feb, 11 March, 8 April

22 Apr,  6 May, 3 June,  1 July

More details coming soon – let me know if you’re interested so that I can keep track of numbers.