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Rehearsal in The White Room, Salisbury Arts Centre

A Buzzy Day was Saturday. Actors and Directors did wonderfully theatrical type things with 9 short plays using just a few chairs, tables, cardboard tubes and an AK47. Magic.

Writers:  Mark Darcy, Anthony Fairweather, Elanora Ferry, Grace Gauld, Gina Gough, David Haworth, Linda Morse, Jeff Page, John Yates

Actors:  Emily Arnold, Tony Boncza, Anna Harriott, Sally Marshall, Barney Norris, Lulu Stevens, Kerry Stockwell

Directors:  David Haworth, Jon Nash, Barney Norris, Andrew Thackeray

Jon Nash, Lulu Stevens, Simon Thomson

Great weekend with Jon, Lulu and Simon coming in Saturday and Sunday to read extracts from eight works in progress and give writers feedback.   Enchanting scripts featuring pornography, crystal balls, sex, sex, death and more sex,  punctuated by terrific lol moments that stopped play. Where do they get their ideas, these writers.